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Software Development & Integration


We are experts in crafting and integrating unique software systems and your online services so that they work seamlessly together whether it is connecting your new software platform to Websites, Online Forms, CRM, Videos, Learning Management Systems, Payments, Google Applications, Mobile Apps, Calendars, E-Commerce and Social media sites to each other. 



We are experts at building your unique APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow your software systems, online services and social media accounts to talk to each other in the background. We also work with the APIs of the software providers that you use to integrate your systems so that everything can talk to everything and specific information or tasks are delivered to you and your customers.

Cloud Migration


You can now move to the cloud with confidence to realise security, speed, availability and scalability you never experienced before, whether it is a full move or migration. We work with the leading cloud platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can move your websites, backend systems and Apps and can teach you how to manage the systems or we can do it for you. 

You can expect high-end professional results from our Integration, API Development, and Cloud expertise

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Enables your business to grow with better access to critical information

Keep a better view of your customer with team access to important and critical information 

Increases sales through a better customer experience through engagement 

Replace your legacy systems with scalable and modernized cloud-powered applications

Rapidly adapt and react to changes internally and externally

Simplifying and streamline your business process with high-performing web applications


"We needed to develop applications which would be introduced to our Czech customer as a unique and never before seen product that is intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, Awesome Developers were faced with a very tough task. During development, they proved their vast experience and professionalism, thanks to which we have been able to develop a stable and user-friendly system together. Awesome Developers helped us not only with the code but also with UX design. They often came up with their own ideas and solutions, which we - as a start-up company, greatly appreciated. The finished integrated product serves our banking customers reliably and those who use it are our most loyal and active customers."

—  Ivan Dovice  — 
Dateio s.r.o.


1. Discuss your needs & wishes

As a first step, we suggested that we have an online or personal meeting to gain an understanding of what it is you would like to achieve

2. Propose what we can do

As a second step, we will make a proposal to you highlighting the objective of your requirement with an estimated timeframe and budget 

3. Get your project started 

As a third and final step, we will start the project and give you access to the customer portal to give you continual visibility on the development