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Snom Technology AG

Snom is a European premium brand known for VoIP pioneering and mass production of VoIP, engineered in Germany.

Snom Website


A fully integrated website was specified and built to make certain that the potential customer is able to sign up and this customer signup would instantly be integrated with Snom’s community portal (that we also built) and Salesforce CRM that created a sales lead. 


This sophisticated approach to the integration of sales leads resulted in sales increases for Snom. Each salesperson received a daily flow of sales leads that they converted to customers with full visibility to their sales management with reporting to make certain that all sales leads are contacted and converted. 

Snom Community Portal


This was built as a SAAS solution and the power hub of activity for the Snom approved distributors and dealers (customers) and was structured in such a way that the customer had one place to go for everything they would ever need, cutting down on their need to rely on contacting the company.


The signup form was integrated with custom software or third party APIs and it connected with the Salesforce CRM system, created a Snom Central area with all news and announcements, created the intelligence with hierarchy between distributor and dealer, a place for sales material, a place for marketing materials, deal registrations, leasing calculators, Google Applications integration (email, calendar and Youtube), Help desk system integration with reporting of tickets and follow-up, On-line Learning and Certification System, Webinar system integration with calendars and registration, active sales and other contact information, software download areas, firmware download area and synced with the website allowing customers to geo-search for distributors. 

Snom io


We built the website and integration for the developer community to allow people to use the Snom API to build unique applications and allow them the ability to build specific applications around a Snom VoiP telephone such as Google contact integration of smart office device integration. The registration of the platform was synced directly with the Snom Community Portal and Salesforce CRM. 

Snom Redirection and Provisioning Server


We also solved the critical challenge to modernize the Snom Server which connects each device to the Snom community, enabling the set up of the device, basic settings and other instructions to provide a high-end service to the Snom customers at any times. The Snom Server consists of two parts, the Redirection and Provisioning part. Both were migrated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and fully integrated with the AWS Tools, which provide intelligent transparency to Snom. After the modernisation of the Snom Server Solution we developed a platform from scratch that puts together the Redirection and Provisioning Services. 

Dateio s.r.o

Dateio serves its customers by bringing attractive discounts to customers all over the Czech Republic. Those discounts are directly linked to their clients´ payments cards and can therefore be redeemed easily. We developed the platform and iOS mobile App for Dateio enabling them to provide their service to their customers. The platform and mobile App are integrated with each other and therefore function smoothly. 

Funktel International GmbH 

Funktel pushes its indirect sales operations, regionally (DACH) and internationally (EU) for its secure, robust and industrial wireless solutions and is building a distribution and certified reseller network.


We built a fully integrated website for the purpose of recruiting distributors and dealers with triggers to integrate webinars, demos and new customer registration that is fully integrated with its marketing automation systems based on Active Campaign, Google Applications Integrations (Email and Calendar), Webinar, On-line learning systems and CRM system based on Pipedrive Platform. 

Die Kompetenzmanager GmbH

We developed the website for ‘Die Kompetenzmanager’ and migrated the website to the Amazon Cloud, providing a fast and secure storage. The objective was to support our client´s unique position as recruitment experts in Germany and by integrating their marketing and sales funnel with their website help them grow their business. 

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Users can complete a single record of each flaw with a detailed description, audio note and photo. Linking the site to the drawing and the date of removal is a matter of course. Users always have full visibility on the current state of removal of a specific defect. Users and all other project partners can make changes of status, additionally they can share complete information about recorded defects with one click. 

My Car

We developed a car tracking mobile App for China that shows their users where they parked their car in multi-storing slots, utilising the most advanced development tools to build the mobile App and integrate the service with mapping of the smartphone. 


We developed an Android App for the purpose of wild animal tracking. This very unique mobile App points out the location of wild animals and therefore helps protecting endangered animals. 


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